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Situated at Bennett's Hill East of Masterton on the Masterton-Castlepoint Rd. Originally broken off the Otahuao Block Joseph Bennett which he took up in 1859. A property and homestead that is known to have a long history, that is very hard to verify. Owners have included Drummond, Watson, (1901-14), Cresswell (1914), McKenzie (19-1979), Mahoney (1979). Being on the main Masterton-Carterton route, it was used as a stop-over and accommodation house for travellers on the long and tiresome trip from Castlepoint to Masterton. There was a two storey stable for the horses, built around 1860 beautifully crafted from pit-sawn Totara and hand made nails, unfortunately it burnt down in 1990.

The very large single storey homestead built well before the turn of the century was solidly constructed with a 14 ft. stud and many rooms. It was severely damaged during the 1942 earthquake, resulting in 7 rooms being taken off during the time it was owned by the McKenzie family. When sold in 1979 to Mr. and Mrs Mahoney it was broken off Mangahina, major changes had to be made to the gardens to accommodate a new drive and changes to the house saw 7 dormer windows added to provide a second storey.


NOTE: The information contained here is a result of Des De Stefano's own research and was current at the time he was working on the project.