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Situated on the East coast of the Wairarapa, South of Riversdale. Originally part of what was to become the giant 20,000 acre Waikaraka block taken up by George Moore a Wellington merchant in 1854. His recently arrived and inexperienced brother John was driving sheep for him up the coast heading for Hawkes Bay when they were forced to stop as the sheep started to lamb. They discovered the lush plains that they were on had not been claimed and headed back to Wellington to lodge a claim. By 1870 the property had been divided between two of the three sons John and Fred who sold 1000 acres to Brother George, this was the start of Eparaima which would eventually grow to 9000 acres.

The earliest part of the homestead was built for George Moore around 1890, with extensive two storey additions later being made; the earliest parts at the back were demolished in 1947. Pre 1910 4000 acres had been ringed fenced with a rabbit proof fence, cleared, drained, ploughed and sown with English grass and 150 acres cropped for feeding. Stocked with a Romney flock from J.O. Bibwill and work horses from Stuckey of Rangitumau. Eparaima at present is 1400 acres, is still in the Moore family hands and is being farmed by a fifth generation Moore on this land.


NOTE: The information contained here is a result of Des De Stefano's own research and was current at the time he was working on the project.