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Situated approx. 15 miles north-east of Masterton in the Bideford district. A Crown Grant of 80 acres in 1880 to Wellington merchant Edwin Pearse is the first recorded signs of the Tividale property. This would undoubtedly be for a "Homestead Block" as it was called. But it appears Pearse had pre-sold it to Frederick Chapman in 1887, who then leased it to Job Vile for 10 years from 1880, Vile had already taken up 835 acres in 1876, and in 1882 the lease was transferred to John Vile.

In 1891 Chapman sold to South Islanders Barricot, Green and Pierson who in 1893 sold to the Percy family, the property eventually grew to over 2,000 acres, with J.H.T. Percy in 1925 becoming sole owner, and in 1945 transferring to C.J. Percy. 1989 saw the homestead and a small block sold out of the family and shortly after the farm was split. The large ornate homestead was built in 1908 for 900 Pounds (which included a reservoir and water supply for the house) by C.E. Daniell & Co. with Archie Danielle being foreman for the first time. The earlier house up the Mungapurupuru was converted into shearer's quarters.


NOTE: The information contained here is a result of Des De Stefano's own research and was current at the time he was working on the project.