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Situated to the North/West of Masterton towards the Ranges.

Major Cootes was an ex-Army officer from India who was an officer in Wellington from 1853 - 58, he returned to England in 1859, then back to N.Z. in 1861, where he bought and leased in Canterbury. He was a member of the Upper House in Wellington and a friend of Sir George Grey. He was given a Government grant of 400 acres at Matahiwi in recognition of his military services, and purchased an additional 6400 acres of land at 7/6 an acre. He built a homestead in 1865 that is still in use today. He died in 1867, and the property was leased by two nephews John and Henry Holmes who cleared and developed the land and eventually bought it in 1892. 1900-01 saw 1800 acres sub-divided for closer settlement. In 1902 a beautiful homestead was built and in1927 it was modernised and electricity installed to all farm buildings. Until the death of Henry Holmes in an accident in the ranges the farm was run as a partnership. In 1911 it was divided in two and further sub-division took place later. In the1990's the homestead and a few acres were sold as a lifestyle block.


NOTE: The information contained here is a result of Des De Stefano's own research and was current at the time he was working on the project.