The Maples

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The Maples.



The Maples


Situated on the southern side of Mania Rd. on the southern outskirts of Masterton. The original block from which the Maples came was owned by Mr. E.C. White who had the homestead built. The property was later broken up into 3 x 200 acre blocks to be drawn by ballot by Returned Servicemen in the mid 1940s. The S/E block near Wardells Bridge was drawn by Bill Hyslop and farmed as a dairy unit. Harry Spiers drew the homestead block and Bob Forbes the last, but Forbes and Spiers agreed to swap, with Forbes taking the homestead block. Forbes was always of the opinion that the blocks were made too small and should have been 2 x 300 acres and later took the opportunity to add another 100 acres from an adjoining farm bringing it up to 300 acres. It was related to me that the farm, like most, had its good times and its bad. It had a wool clip that caught the One Pound a pound wool bonanza; it was the first farm in the Wairarapa to utilise a tractor driven irrigation unit instead of the old

Lyster type motor type, and had just completed a renovation of all fences and gates the day before the Wahine storm and by the night there was not a stock-proof fence left on the property as the place was devastated by the storm. In the early 1980s the property was sub-divided into three. The homestead remains on 100 acres, down a long drive and hidden in the trees and gardens.


NOTE: The information contained here is a result of Des De Stefano's own research and was current at the time he was working on the project.