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Situated in the Tinui district North/East of Masterton. Not one of the original 1855 blocks, as it was included in Val Smiths vast Mataikona holding, it appears on a plan in the name of P.K. Prentegast as the block between Whareama and Tinui rivers. Dr. Prentegast had taken it up in September 1856, and agreed to sell to Archdeacon Maunsell who bought it for his three sons. Two of whom Robert and John Frederick bought it from their father in 1864 when it contained 17,567 acres. When divided between the two brothers in 1903 John F. got 5995 acres and Robert 6280 acres.


NOTE: The information contained here is a result of Des De Stefano's own research and was current at the time he was working on the project.