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Situated just North of Mauriceville on the Mauriceville-Kaiparoro Rd. Samuel Dawson sailed from Plymouth England 27/8/1877 on the "Waipa" an immigrant ship carrying 178 adults and 38 children, arriving at Port Chambers on 21/11/1877. Samuel was a 22yr old labourer and his passage cost thirteen pounds eleven and six ($27). In 1885 he successfully tendered for a block, 109 Kopauranga District, a 288 acre block surveyed by H.J. Lowe.


Conditions and requirements under Land Act 1885

Deferred payment.

No selector to have no more than 320 acres.

Highest tender or shall be declared the purchaser.

One twentieth deposit on acceptance.

Live on land for 6 years.

Yearly fee 1/10 price of land paid in equal parts, half yearly in advance.

After 6 years improvements of at least one pound per acre.


Dawson arrived on the property July 1885. On 4/10/1885 he paid Larsen Brothers 40 pound ($80) to fell 21 acres of bush. In 1891 he obtained title to the land on payment of 380 pound 2 shillings and 1 penny, having obtained a loan from Robert Cockburn which he paid back by 1891. For several years he had worked on the railway that was being put through.

Prior to leaving County Down his sweetheart had agreed to wait for him to get settled in N.Z., so after corresponding for 15 years in 1892 she arrived in Wellington and they were married the same day. Samuel Dawson had erected a slab whare on arrival. In 1903 the present homestead was built by Jens Petersen, and in 1912 additions were made. From then to the present time even though additions and alterations have been made, the homestead is basically very recognisable from its 1903 design. The property presently 5-600 acres is still farmed by direct descendants of Samuel Dawson but the homestead and a few acres sold out of the family about 1995.


NOTE: The information contained here is a result of Des De Stefano's own research and was current at the time he was working on the project.