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Situated just South of Martinborough. The 1000 acre property was purchased in 1906 by Mr. Frank Wall from Mr. Tulloch. A large double gabled two storey homestead that had been built about 1870 was on the property at the time of purchase. In 1920 extensive additions and alterations were carried out. These included a third gabled addition, veranda around three sides and a single storey addition at the rear, making it 5000 sq, ft. with many large rooms. When modernisations were being carried out in the 1970s 100yr old newspapers were found under the scrim on the walls. As well as mixed farming the drier areas of the property, there has been since before 1900 a flax mill on the property, with the exception of the depression years the mill has been in continuous production, using the flax from the three hundred acres of wet lands near the Ruamahunga River that were cultivated for the mill. The fibre was sent to Foxton for manufacture into binder twine, wool bales and heavy grade carpet. The mill closed in 1970 with the increasing use of synthetics. The property is at present 1000 acres of mixed farming and cropping and is still owned by the Wall family.


NOTE: The information contained here is a result of Des De Stefano's own research and was current at the time he was working on the project.