Thornton Park

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Thornton Park.



Thornton Park


Situated just a few miles East of Masterton in the Te Ore Ore district. Henry Percy arrived in New Zealand at Petone on the seventeenth of Feb 1842 on the ship "Clifton", age nine. In 1854 he married Sarah Bicknell, Henry worked as a miller and carpenter in the family business before going to the goldfields in Australia. They moved to the Wairarapa in 1869 and purchased a 2,000 acre property at Te Ore Ore later to be known as Thornton Park. It is thought that an early smaller home was built, as they eventually had 13 children and the two storey homestead was not built until 1890. It was later to burn down and be replaced by the present homestead, which after alterations brought it up to its present 4,000 sq. ft. Henry's son would by 1899, between them own over 20,000 acres in the Tauweru district, as well as the Te Ore Ore holding at Thornton Park. In 1915 this block was split with Brothers A.J. Percy taking Thornton Park, Oswald taking Ngatikoko and Frank taking Ellesmere. After A.J. Percy's death the property was farmed as a trust, until in 1973 it was split into four and sold out of the Percy family after over 100 years. At present the homestead stands on 11 acres.


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