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The designation of Safer Wairarapa as a member of the International Safe Communities movement will occur Friday 30th April at 2pm in the Frank Cody Lounge, Masterton Town Hall.


What’s it all about!

Developing a positive safety culture throughout the region

Becoming part of the Safe Communities movement through accreditation as an International Safe Community

Benefitting through best practice and sharing data resulting from membership of the ISC Network

Working in a collaborative way that maximises effort, minimises duplication and shares information for the benefit of our community


How does it work?


Safer Wairarapa is a community organisation, with a wide range of government agencies and community organisations working collaboratively in a focussed manner on agreed goals.

The Hub is the governance group, responsible for...

taking a broad view of the regional efforts being made to ensure we have a safe Wairarapa and communicate these successes to the Wairarapa community through the membership of the HUB.

analysing regional and localised trends within the Wairarapa Region and identifying gaps in capacity and capability which require additional resource.  

Identifying and prioritising opportunities/programmes for action

advocating the needs of the region to those outside of the region who are able to assist with resources, support and advice

The Coalition group is responsible for...

identifying where workstreams could collaborate 

providing information and data to inform the SW Hub through the SW Coordinator

ensuring that where gaps exist that they are filled through internal agreement or escalation of the issue to the SW Hub


For further information about Safer Wairarapa, contact



Safer Wairarapa Coordinator

c/- Southern Wairarapa Safer Community Council

PO Box 184

164 High St South



Ph:  06 379 5407

Fax: 06 379 5941




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