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The Dive Into Books Summer Reading Programme held at the Masterton District Library 2009/10

Masterton kids made a real splash at the library this summer with the Dive Into Books Summer Reading Programme. This is the 13th year Masterton Library has offered the ECREAD'n programme and once again it was a fantastic success. All of the 400 places Masterton Library had available were taken up, with just over 79% of the kids going on to complete the programme. Masterton Library was also able to support a further 43 children who completed the programme in Te Reo, and 44 older children and teens who signed up for the Read Plus programme.

Children enrolled in Dive Into Books came to the library and talked to specially assigned staff members about the books they had been reading over the summer holidays. Each time they did this they were rewarded with a small prize. If they were able to check-in four times they qualified for the grand finale celebration. Unfortunately due to inclement weather this event had to be scaled down but the children were still presented with a certificate, medallion and a book prize, and a swim pass to the Genesis Recreation Centre.

Over the course of the programme the library also played host to visiting performers and this year we had shows by Pete the Pirate, Zappo the Magician, and storytellers Niall De Burca and Mary Kippenberger. The Summer Reading Programme (including all the materials, prizes and entertainers) is made available free of charge thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Eastern and Central Community Trust. Here at Masterton our programme was augmented by assistance and donations from Trust House Ltd, Masterton District Council, Wairarapa Building Society, Food for Thought, King & Henry, Trev's Sports, Masterton New World, NZ Post and Mainfreight. A huge thank you to all these organisations without whose support the programme wouldn't be possible.

Congratulations to all the children who completed the Dive Into Books and Read Plus programmes and thank you to all the parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and others who enrolled them and brought them to the library to report in. Well done also to librarians Mary, Jane, and Frances, and their helpers Pat, Mathew, Ingrid, and Georgia-Mae for running such a great programme.

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