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Environmental Science Centre

In 1996 the trout hatchery was to undergo a major upgrade. At the time, the school was directly resourced and it allowed for innovative thought. It was during the time that Environmental Science was becoming more prominent in the curriculum and, given the natural resource that the school had, it was - decided that we reshape the building into an Environmental Science Centre. The Masterton Rotary Club was looking for a major project and the idea became fruition when the rotarians agreed to place in a classroom, toilet, kitchen and office facilities. On February 4th the mayor at the time, Mr. Bob Francis, officially opened the centre and classes from all Masterton Schools were provided opportunity to work with the environmental feature that the school had. Mr. Howard Thomson was appointed as the teacher in the centre and with his interest in trout, the operation of raising trout continued.

Unfortunately, through a variety of circumstances, this was short lived. The Fish and Game Council moved offices, the bringing of trout from Ngongotaha was not viable and the costs asked of the school made the task not viable.