Topic: Wine Making at M.I.S

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Wine Making at M.I.S 

There was a time at M.I.S in the 1970ʼs when June Rowland, the sewing teacher at the time, and Charlie King, the caretaker, entered into a little wine making on the side. At that time the vegetable garden was in the eastern corner of the school grounds. Each class had their own plot to develop and on the side fence grew a healthy grape vine. Juneʼs love of winemaking coupled with Charlieʼs enthusiasm meant an opportunity to explore this technology.

Grapes were harvested and brewing wine ticked away happily in the cooking room linen cupboard. The occasional before school testing, only a nip mind you, led to the knowledge that it was a good brew! When the school had its 25th Jubilee, such was the quality that the wine was bottled, labelled and gifted to past pupils along with other M.I.S born goodies.