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Elizabeth Ellis came as an invited teller in 2000 from USA.

Ellis, Rex: USA. 2000
A Curator and Chair of the Division of Cultural History at the National Museum of America, at the Smithsonian Institute, Rex has been a storyteller for fifteen years. He uses his gifts to tell stories in every aspect of his work, both as museum educator and as a sought after consultant to museums throughout the USA. As a professional storyteller, he has conducted workshops and consultancies at a variety of educational institutions focusing on teaching history through storytelling. Of the power of storytelling, as Ellis says, "I truly believe that the power of storytelling is the one best hope we have to improve the communities we live in and the people we love. I have seen people with different backgrounds share stories with each other. I have seen fathers, mothers, sons and daughters who seldom speak to each other, laughing, reminiscing and reconnecting because of storytelling. I have seen inner-city kids with histories of violence rapt with wonder and excitement as they have told the stories they so desperately needed to tell. I have seen bridges built with storytelling that invite listeners and tellers to unite in ways that are more potent than a town meeting and more healing than a therapy session. It is pretty hard to hate someone whose story you know."



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Ellis, Elizabeth

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