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Margaret, from Christchurch, tell the stories of ordinary folk in history and told at the 2000, 2002 and 2004 festivals.

Copland, Margaret: New Zealand. 2000, 2002, 2004
Margaret grew up in Rangiora where sea, sand, farm, swamp, river, forest, bush and mountain were all within reach on her bike. She played in the sand hill at Waikuku near the site of the old Kaiapoi Pa. Pakeha history visited weekly, in the form of great aunts and uncles with traces of Britain and Europe still clinging to their speech. She circumnavigated the world and returned to live in Kirwee just over the river from Rangiora. Margaret is an ex-history teacher, she now tells original stories, immigration stories and stories of pioneer women, exploring five generations of her family in New Zealand. Margaret's style has different strands: As a historian she presents history with accuracy. As a storyteller she tells the universal story of ordinary folk. As a genealogist she uses a researched character and a point of view from among her own ancestors.



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Copland, Margaret

First Names:Margaret
Last Name:Copland