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Mary Kippenberger, storyteller and debater, has told at the 2000, 2006 and 2008 festivals sometimes accompanied by musician husband Peter Charlton-Jones.

Kippenberger, Mary: New Zealand. 2000, 2006, 2008
Mary was born in NZ but raised in Canada, she returned with family as a young shy and very nerdy teenager!! Then spent 23 years as both a community and state Social Worker specialising in child protection. In the eighties shyness was put aside for an increasing involvement in theatre and storytelling. Now a fulltime professional storyteller, after dinner/conference speaker she divides her time between New Zealand, Australia and England...anyone who will listen really! Mary has been a featured teller in five National Australian Storytelling Festivals as well as New Zealand's Glistening Waters. If she were the type she might mention that she has debated with and against: David Lange, Jim Hopkins, David McPhail, Jon Gadsby, Rabon Khan, Kerry Woodham, Michael Laws, Jeanette McDonald, Gary McCormack, Linda Clarke, Jo Bennett etc. etc., but she's not the type, she won't mention it!! Mary lives on her pretend farm with her musician husband Peter Charlton-Jones, who often appears on stage with her, and life is good!



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Kippenberger, Mary

First Names:Mary
Last Name:Kippenberger