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Alan Bilton came over the Rimutakas from Wellington, NZ in 2008 as an invited teller.

Bilton, Alan: New Zealand, 2008
There's a strange man in your back yard, New Zealand. He was born here. He grew up here in a large family on the Kaikoura coast. His name is Mr B. He lurks around Wellington now, living in a small house that he is constantly renovating. By day he's a relief teacher. In the afternoon he's a karate instructor, hockey coach, husband, father and feeder of pets. Throughout the day and late into the evenings, at work and at home he's a storyteller - a craft learned from his father. His stories, nearly always original, take small chunks of daily experiences that are retold with little or no commitment to recounting the truth. He has a passion for stories well told. Each story with Mr B. is a shared journey into a treasure trove that is our collective back yard. By night he's asleep.



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Bilton, Alan

First Names:Alan
Last Name:Bilton