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Details the events of the 2006 Festival including the tellers, junior storytellers, workshops, committee and more...


Festival held at Harlequin Theatre and REAP House   23 - 26 June 2006

In the time before this there was another time and in the time before that there was another and another and another... and the knowledge of them all has come down to us through the stories we have been told about them.  Oral stories fill our oldest encyclopaedias.  They were the maps that guided our ancestors across the universe.  They introduced cultures to their cosmologies, told fisherman and other travellers their way by telling the stories of the stars in their skies. They told of great feats and great loves.  Filled hearts and minds.  Stories merge our facts with our feelings according to how we feel at the time of listening/telling as emotion and imagination insist on playing their parts in every his/her story.  None of us can be understood by mere facts alone and that's the truth that tellers and listeners have always known... come share that truth at Glistening Waters.  Gaye Sutton



USA                      Allison Cox

Michael D McCarty

                     Billie Barnes

England               Christine McMahon

New Zealand      Terry Sleator

Tanya Batt

Tell Tale Sisters - Liz Weir and Kaitrin McMullan

Mary Kippengerger

Marama Fox

Here Taute

He Kokiritanga Pumanawa Na, Manu Kawana

Anna Bradley

Moira Wairama

Tony Hopkins

Mary-Alice Arthur

Ralph Johnson

Stephen Aitken

Kevin Cotter

Sam Manzanza

Kay Mills

Lesley Dowding


Junior Storytellers:

Maggie MacLaurin facilitated workshops in Thames, Paeroa and Matamata for young folk in the art of storytelling. From these workshops five young tellers were well prepared to travel down to Masterton to share their stories at the Festival.  Unfortunately the North Island was struck by most inclement weather and very heavy snowstorms over the central areas making many roads inaccessible.  Sadly the little group of enthusiastic tellers and their whanau were not able to come to the Festival.  We salute the families for their tremendous efforts and the following children for their great storytelling efforts:

Owen Rodley

Serenity Hamilton

Helena Prayoncorn

Mykelti Prayoncorn

Adaleigh Wi

Frances Reiri-Smith and Yvette Hikitapua-Grace organised storytelling opportunities for student speakers of Te Reo Maori.

Te Roopu Tuatahi -Year 7 & 8 Students

          Te Roopu Tuarua  - Year 9 & 10 Students

Several workshops were held at which students were tutored in the oral art of story telling.  Four Wairarapa and Four Tamakinui-a-rua Tamariki (2 from each roopu) were selected to present their stories at the festival on the Whakaoriori Marae.  Tutor was Hera Taute

Alice Robertson and Gaye Sutton worked in with the Wairarapa Principals Association and schools to encourage children to attend Storytelling Workshops.  

Workshop I

Creating Your Story.

Introducing children to the history and craft of storytelling.

Provide modelling and confidence/trust building.

Setting goals for development of children's stories.

Workshop II

       Movement and Performance Skills

       Consists of dramatic play and exercises to enhance the craft of individual stories and


Workshop III

       Speech Development

       Uses action methods to enhance vocabulary and oral expression, enhancing speech


Workshop IV

       Specialist Drama Teacher

       3 hour session in additional drama with telling.

        Specialist then assists with the selection of junior tellers ready for festival telling.


Workshops, Master Class and Special Events:  These cover a wide range of topics associated with the art of storytelling.  2006 items included;


Allison Cox            "Stepping into Story."

 Discover how to inhabit a tale, look through your character's eyes and walk in their shoes as your story comes to life with possibilities. Gain new perspectives on these characters inhabiting these tales.  This evolution of tales also includes developing sense memories, changing description into dialogue; adding cultural markers, poetry and song; reshaping our stories around appealing elements that are discovered and much more!


Tell Tale Sisters    "Stringing You Along."

Kaitrin McMullan and Liz Weir presenting string games from Aotearoa and around the world, combining the ancient art of storytelling.


Allison Cox            "Lap Rhymes, Lullabies and Stories for Tiny Listener."       Are the littlest listeners your biggest challenge?

This workshop taught parents, teachers, caregivers and storytellers to tell stories to babies and toddlers, by learning playful ways to engage the little ones and the rest of the family, through age-old lap rhymes that invite giggles, lullabies that sooth and stories that everyone can help tell.



Christine McMahon            "Look We Don't Want to be Here Miss."

Prepares participants for storytelling situations which involve those who may be difficult or don't yet know that they want storytelling!!  For example: prisons and youth offender settings, awkward school situations and some unexpected community settings.

 Special Events:

"Glistening Futures"        Storytelling Wananga for Youth.

Empowering rangatahi through the oral tradition of storytelling. 

Held at the Te Ore Ore Marae on 21st June 2006.  The wananga was a joint project between King Street Artworks and Rangitane o Wairarapa. Storytellers Allison Cox and Michael McCarty, both experienced in working with youth, facilitated the wananga. As agreed both storytellers weaved the loose theme of choices and consequences and provided a comfortable platform for discussing uncomfortable issues. Billie Barns, a Puyallup tribeswoman from the USA performed some traditional Puyallup songs and stories, this provided a very unique cultural opportunity to share and exchange stories, songs and tikanga beginning with stories and songs about Te Ore Ore Marae and the area.


 Queen Street Festival:

Even the Fairy Queen was in attendance at the Queen Street Festival held to begin Glistening Waters.  Local young people, storytellers, musicians, mime artists and other artists got together to make this the funniest, friendliest festival of all.  Although it turned out to be a bitterly cold day those that braved the weather to attend thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment in a very relaxed atmosphere.


Te Haerenga - The Journey:

Amusing, provocative, inspiring and delightful Te Haerenga - The Journey is a celebration of the journey of life.

Ralph Johnson, Moira Wairama, Tony Hopkins and Mary-Alice Arthur came together to interweave their own personal stories and share the journey of a lifetime.

This 1-hour performance was staged at Kuranui College for Senior Students on the Thursday, prior to the Festival, then again at the Festival.

Matariki Concert. Brought to us by Nga Kanohi Marae - Collective Committee of Wairarapa Marae.

Human beings have always been awed by the striking display of the Milky Way and the stars that pour from it and have tried to make sense of the night sky.  Star clusters like Matariki also known as the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters and Messier have been celebrated from Greece to India as well as across the Pacific.

Matariki Concert held alongside Glistening Waters included storyteller Michael McCartney in the entertainment line-up together with an amazing fireworks display at Henley Lake.                 



Convenor                Janet Hayes

Secretary                Sandra Kabownik

Treasurer                 Pauline Lamb

                                    Elaine Beck

                          Graeme Burnard

                                    Katrina Galbraith

                                    Julie Meates

                                    Ash Milne

                                    Frances Reiri-Smith

                                    Gaye Sutton

                                    Joy Tutty

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