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Details the activities of the 2002 Glistening Waters Festival of Storytelling including the names of tellers, committee, junior tellers, workshops and more.


Festival held at St. Matthew's Collegiate, Pownall Street, Masterton   25 - 28 October  2002

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Scotland                   Margaret Bennett

USA                             Diane Ferlatt

                                     David Novak

Australia                    David Shapiro

                                     Gael Cresp

New Zealand            John Crick

                                     Gaye Sutton

                                     Liz Weir

                                     Margaret Copland

                                     Hirini Reedy

                                     Alice Robertson

                                     Colin Scadden

                                     Terry Sleator

                                     Rangimoana Taylor


Junior Storytellers:

These young storytellers from the lower part of the North Island presented stories they created during workshops facilitated by Storytellers Alice Robertson, Moira Wairama, Gaye Sutton, Mary Kippenberger and Angie Farrow.

Destiny Aplin                    Douglas Park

Michael Wald                    Masterton Primary

Dylan Hobbs                     Dannevirke South

Rachael Speedy              Weber

Reid Boyden                     Dannevirke South

Duncan Francis                Roslyn

Arun McKissock               Kahutara

Jack Colton                       Kahutara



Workshops, Master Class and Special Events:  These cover a wide range of topics associated with the art of storytelling.

Items presented in 2002 included;



 Liz Weir                    "Storytelling to Pre-Schoolers Using Props."

                                     This workshop allowed participants to explore methods of presenting oral stories to pre-school children in a way that allows                                            the storyteller to provide rich, colourful language opportunities while also satisfying the pre-schooler's need for visual                                                        stimulation.


Gael Cresp                "Do You Hear What I Hear?"

                                      Incorporated a number of traditional tales embedded in the story of one woman's life.  This was used as a springboard for                                               discussion for the way the circumstances of our lives affect the way we interpret the stories we hear and the way the stories we                                        hear colour our response to life.


David Shapiro            "Telling Stories from Your Childhood."

                                       Designed to help participants' access and make use of their childhood experiences as material for stories.


David Novak              "Object of the Story."

                                       Offers a series of games and exercises drawing on creative dramatics, mime and mask work to enhance the creative process                                        and performance work of storytellers.


David Novak              "The Storytellers' Compass."

                                       Uses conversational storytelling to create a mosaic of stories and ideas.  Participants 'play' hexagonal cards representing                                                 stories ranging from personal experience to world tales.  As the conversation evolves, the cards form unique patterns of                                                   stories.  By the end of the 4-hour experience, participants have a deeper understanding of their own living body of text and a                                           method for organizing many short stories into one thematically integrated composition.                       


Post-Festival Comments:

  • Congratulations on the wonderful well-run Festival!  I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it.
  • It was my first festival and I was totally awestruck by the entire experience.  The venue itself was superb, the organization fantastic, the creativity of storytellers nothing less than moving.  It was a great pleasure to meet so many wonderful people.  I will definitely be back!!
  • Everything was absolutely wonderful, my first festival and I will be back.  Will be telling my friends all about it.
  • The festival is becoming an important part of some people's lives and is a wonderful vehicle for keeping storytelling alive and growing.
  • A truly wonderful weekend to remember. Friendly atmosphere, ideal venue.  Superb and inspirational tellers.



Convenor:            Joy Tutty

Secretary:            Gail Brunton

Treasurer:            Lesley Fry

                                Jan McLaren

                               Gaye Sutton

                               Maureen McEwen

                               Colin Scadden

                               Margaret Christensen

                               Alice Robertson

                              Janet Hayes

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