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Details the activities of the 2000 Glistening Waters Festival of Storytelling including names of tellers, committee, workshops and comments from participants.


Festival held at St. Matthew's Collegiate, Pownall Street, Masterton  20 - 23 October 2000.

Storytelling has been around as long as there have been people. Stories tell us about our past, give insight into the future and share truths that affect our lives.  Storytelling is a way of  sharing who we are, where we come from and where we are going.



Ireland                       Batt Burns

USA                            Rex Ellis

                                     Elizabeth Ellis

Australia                   Gill Di Stefano

New Zealand            Tanya Batt

                                    Niall De Burca

                                    Dick Weir

                                    Mary Kippenberger

                                    Gaye Sutton

                                    John Crick

                                    Mary-Alice Arthur

                                    Margaret Copland

                                    Alice Robertson

                                    Maureen McEwen

                                    Colin Scadden

                                    Kath & Bill Worsfold

                                    Hera Taute

                                    Stephen Aitken


Junior Storytellers:

Facilitated by Alice Robertson

Milly Bell                    Her story:   'Sausages and Tidd-a-lik.'


Workshops, Master Class and Special Events:  These cover a wide range of topics associated with the art of storytelling.  

Mary-Alice Arthur            "Starting with Story."

Have you ever wondered where stories come from?  Experience what it is like to be a storyteller within a safe environment with a focus on laughter, sharing and story.


Gill Di Stefano              “Stories as Therapy.”

Looks at how both personal and traditional stories can be explored to create strength and understanding. The premise is that there is a story that binds our life together.

 Tanya Batt               “Snip, Snap Snout – Now the Tale’s Out”

A hands (and mouths) on workshop full of practical ideas for using stories with young children aged 3-7 years. Explores new ways to dance, sing, dramatise tales from well-known children’s picture books and from off the top of your head.


Dick Weir                   “The Spoken Word.”

Learning outcomes:

1. Increase your knowledge of vocal production including breathing, voice and speech controls.

2. Knowledge of exercises to increase control and range of voice and speech.

3. Increased awareness of the importance of best practise for vocal performance skills to maximise audience interest and to sustain output.


Batt Burns                “Whisperings of Ireland.” Looks at traditional Irish storytelling, comical verse, poetry from the pens of several Irish poets and snippets of Irish history and folklore.        


Rex Ellis                       "Creating Stories from Primary Documents."

Using primary historical documents, participants will be taken through a process of interpreting historical records in preparation for creating stories focusing on historical events.

Storytellers' Debate:

Explored some of the issues surrounding the telling of stories from a culture different from that of the storyteller.  The point for debate was, Stories from a different culture - do they belong to that culture or are they the birthright of humanity?  Featured tellers debated the pros and cons using stories to advance their opinions.  After all sides put forward their viewpoints, the audience had the opportunity to speak to the point they found most convincing, using story to support their choice of viewpoint.


A Taste of the Post-Festival Comments:

  • Exciting, very good for Masterton, Wairarapa, something different.
  • The only place where you can get storytelling on any scale.
  • The festival is an escape from ones daily life, a healing time when you are moved to laughter and tears - when you feel your shared humanity, no matter where the stories come from.  Story is mankind's shared heritage.  Also a great sense of community with like-minded people.  You make new friends, rediscover old friends.
  • What a unique time. I enjoy the excellence in use of the spoken word in a way that I never hear elsewhere.
  • A great family event.  Lovely chance to think about history, values.



Convenor:                 Joy Tutty

Secretary:                Gail Brunton

Treasurer:                Lesley Fry

                                    Maureen McEwen

                                    Maureen Bull

                                   Colin Scadden

                                   Janet Hayes

                                   Gaye Sutton

                                   Merrilyn Bartram

                                   Alice Robertson

                                  Peter McNeur

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