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Details the activities of the 1998 Glistening Waters Storytelling Festival including the names of the tellers, committee and workshops.


Festival held at St. Matthew's Collegiate, Pownall Street, Masterton   24 - 26 October 1998

Storytelling is theatre, colour, excitement and audience participation.  You'll be transported to other times and cultures, held spellbound by masters of this ancient form of communication.



USA                          Donald Davis

                        Diane Ferlatte

                        Connie Regan-Blake

                        Michael Parent

                        Ed Stivender

Britian                     Roop Singh

Australia                Pauline McLeod

New Zealand         Niall De Burca

                                 Tania Faulkner-McKenzie

                                 Mona Williams

                                 Clare-Louise Gerbault

   Martina Jangles

   Eryn Makinson


Junior Storytellers:

Workshops, Master Class and Special Events:

These cover a wide range of topics associated with the art of storytelling.

Presentations for 1998 were:   

Donald Davis                    "Storytelling and the Writing Process."

 Maggie McLaurin            "Healing the Planet with Story."

                                               Sharing and revitalising our connections with the planet and how we can encourage others with our storytelling.

Donald Davis                      "Creating Stories for Your Grandchildren."

Roop Singh                          "The Sikh World: A Cultural Exploration."

Connie Regan-Blake            "Telling to Children." 

                                                    Explores the use of props, music and sign language in telling to children, whilst drawing from both literary and                                                                   traditional sources, to cover practical tips on where to find stories and which ones work best for which grade levels.

Michael Parent                    "Overcoming Anxiety in Performance Situations." 

                                                Suitable for all those who need to give public presentations as well as storytelling.

Niall de Burca                     "Urban Legends: Development and Diversity of Modern Myth."

Michael Parent and Ed Stivender            - a special for selected Junior Tellers.          

Diane Ferlatte                     "Culturally Speaking: Walking in Another's Footsteps Through Stories."



Ed Stivender                      "The Use of Humour in Storytelling."


Special Event:       

 Gaye Sutton             Maladjusted Women

                                    Songwriter Sue Boland            Musician Deb Vernon

                                    Do you ever feel you don't fit in as a woman or a man? 

                                    Join these three women as they unravel some of the cultural myths of New Zealand womanhood.  In story and song they will                                           keep you entertained with some funny and intensely moving tales of growing up in New Zealand.


Post-Festival Comments:

  • A great experience! I am all story told out - my head is bursting with ideas and determination to succeed!  A great big thank you.
  • Enjoyed the stories, especially Napier Earthquake and Greytown.
  • Very creative and stimulating. An enjoyable time with gregarious, friendly people. Great organization and conveniences.
  • It's the best thing that happens in Masterton and I would like to see it grow and grow.
  • The junior storytellers were neat. What about a "Grandparents telling session?"



Convenor:          Joy Tutty

                              Maureen Bull

                              Maureen McEwen                            

Kirsty Caro

Jerry Mesler

Wendy Woodhouse

Gaye Sutton

Maggie McLaurin

Jan Hulme            (short term)

Melanie Walker  (short term)

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