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Details of the 1994 Glistening Waters Storytelling Festival including the tellers, workshops, committee members and comments from audiences.


Festival held at St. Matthew’s Collegiate, Pownall Street, Masterton  21-24 October, 1994

I tell the tale that I heard told.”  A.E. Housman



Canada                       Wendy Berner 

USA                             Margaret Read MacDonald

       Syd Lieberman

                                     Andrenna Belcher


Ireland                        Eamonn O'Conghaile 

Fiji                                Pio Manoa

Australia                    Meg Philip-Paterson

                                     James Miller

New Caledonia         Leonard Sam

New Zealand             Rangimoana Taylor

                                      Kaitrin McMullan

                                      Mona Williams

                                      Liz Miller (Dreamweaver)                       

                                      Anthony Aporo

                                      Nigel De Burca

                                      Barbara Rhodes

                                      Apirana Taylor

                                      Moira Wairama


Junior Storytellers:

Natarsha McElwain of St Patrick School, Masterton

Ora Vella of Kura Kaupapa Maori, Dannevirke

Julie Greaves of Mangamutu School

These three tellers were selected for top honours and told their stories at the “Junior Storytelling Winners” programme on the Sunday afternoon.  Their prize for winning their section was a free visit by a guest teller at their school and dinner with the guest tellers on the Sunday of the Festival.



Workshops cover a wide range of topics associated with the art of storytelling. Presenters for 1994 were:

Margaret Read MacDonald

Meg Philp-Paterson

Mona Williams

Kaitrin McMullan

Syd Lieberman

Wendy Berner

 Post-Festival Comments:

  • Intellectual and emotional overload.
  • Fabulous, not just for children’s librarians.  Need schools, hospitals, teachers (and underworld) to become involved.
  • Wisdom will go with me. Thanks to women.
  • Had to fight to get here.  Sharing of knowledge.  Thanks for everything.
  • Would like to honour you all. You are a rainbow of all the colours of the earth.  Dreamweaver - crystal.  Rangimoana - teacher.  Cry from the heart.

 From the tellers themselves:

  • Thanks for support. “Naval of the earth used to be at Delphi – now it has shifted to Aotearoa.”
  • Storytellers come together and communicate as one. Strong connections, travel bringing joy and love.  Making peace.
  • Would like to honour you all.  Thanks for asking me back.  Thanks to the audience.  In the beginning was the word and it’s a story.  May this go on.
  • Thanks for the support for the new kid on the block in storytelling.
  • Strength and unity.  Wisdom and diversity of storytellers.  See you in two years time. 
  • Life is a journey. “May the road rise with you.”                            



Organiser:                    Maureen McEwen

Secretary:                    Maureen Bull

Treasurer:                    Maureen McEwen

Joy Tutty                             Masterton District Library

Merrilyn Bartram               Wairarapa Guild Member

Rod Garden                       Wairarapa REAP

Peter McNeur                     Wairarapa REAP

Frances Reiri-Smith          Takawaenga Masterton District Library

Mary Buckner                      Masterton District Library

Kathy Stuart                        Wairarapa Guild Member

Elizabeth Miller                   Corresponding Input President, New Zealand Guild of Storytellers           




(Photo to come)

Maureen McEwen (left) and Maureen Bull (right) with the trophy they received from the New Zealand Events Marketing and Management Conference, held in Christchurch, in July 1995.  The trophy was for ‘The Most Unique Event in the North Island’. The award recognises the Glistening Waters Storytelling Festival held in 1994.


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