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Details of the 1992 Festival including tellers, founding committee and presentations.


Festival held at Rathkeale College  23rd - 26th October, 1992

"The power of this deceptively simple art form has been harnessed by our species since we first started roaming the planet. We've made it into books and movies, dances, even video games, but it still exists in its original state - one person talking to another."

Sit down and settle in - you've nothing to do but listen...

Let words alone transport you - far away in time or place, into another's mind or deeper into your own, into a good weep or a good belly laugh. Come to the Festival, and a storyteller will set your fancy free, no matter what your age or cares in this world.  From Vancouver Storytelling Festival

Storytellers:  (See the storyteller's details by clicking their name)

 USA                               Diane Ferlatte

Jay O'Callaghan

Dr Margaret Read MacDonald

Heather Cromer

John Braden Dashney

United Kingdom          David Campbell

Canada                          Nan Gregory  

Netherlands                 Paul Middellijn

Australia                       Norman Fisher and Victor Bond

Meg Philp-Paterson

Nell Bell

Bettina Nissen

Gillian Di Stefano

Zoe Robb

Jenni Woodroffe

New Zealand                Mona Williams

Rangimoana Taylor

Liz Miller (Dreamweaver)

Derek Gordon (Bringwonder)

Gordon Hall (Spinna)


Junior Storytellers:

Junior Storytellers are permitted to tell one of their own stories or one that they had heard from another source.  All were offered the opportunity to tell in either English or Maori.  Their stories were presented to a panel of judges with a selection being invited to tell at the upcoming festival.  Many amazing stories were told, with many being told amazingly.

These young people told at the 1992 Festival.

Jasmine Spensley of Rathkeale College

Sophie Pereira of Hiona Intermediate School

Terri Re Tau of Lansdowne School



Workshops cover a wide range of topics associated with the art of storytelling.  Presenters for 1992 were:

Diane Ferlatte

Norman Fisher and Victor Bond

Bettina Nissen

David Campbell

Nan Gregory

Heather Cromer

Jay O'Callahan

Margaret Read MacDonald


Post-Festival Comments:

  •  Gained more than I expected.  I learnt skills, confidence, grew, and came away with inspiration, new ideas, challenges, directions, goals and joy at the sheer power of story. Some stories made me think, some made me cry, some made me laugh till I cried. My mind still buzzes with thoughts, stories and song from the festival.  I have begun telling tales.  Thank you - for making this experience possible.
  • Sheer magic.
  • So much talent, so much Aroha. I've been pinching myself, saying, here are some of the best storytellers in the world and we're all here together. It's great.
  • So much sharing and knowledge - the presence of overseas tellers was inspirational.
  • I experienced sheer brilliance and magic. I was filled with language, knowledge, love and energy. I met and shared unique experiences with people that gave birth to ideas, gave energy to my creative forces. I made new friends who will be in my heart for a lifetime.
  • Received a feast - the only frustration was not being able to get to everything tho' there was something about having to choose and comparing experiences afterwards.


Founding Committee:

Organiser:          Elizabeth Miller, Librarian and Storyteller (Dreamweaver)

Secretary:          Maureen Bull, Librarian's Secretary

Treasurer:          Dawn Gillum

Joy Tutty, Masterton District Librarian

Juliette Whetter, Organiser for Wairarapa Community Polytechnic Summer Schools

Cathy Casey, Journalist

John Casey, Photographer

Colleen Pringle, District Legal Services Committee and Maori content for Festival

Patrick McKenna, Facilities Promotions Manager for Masterton District Council and

       Committee of Local Arts Council

Margaret Christensen, Speech Teachers Association.

John Young, Chanel Intermediate

Mona Williams, Lecturer at Palmerston North College of Education, Storyteller.

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