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1990 - 1999 Havelock North Sports Exchanges Following on from the very successful musical and cultural exchange, the Masterton Intermediate and Havelock North Intermediate further cemented their relationship by introducing
    John McDonald Principal 1971 - 1986 John McDonald came to M.I.S with a passion for music, a belief that a classroom isnʼt necessarily contained within four walls and
The First Decade 1960 - 1969 Masterton Intermediate School is Born The year is 1960; the day is Monday the 1st of February. A total of about 580 Form 1
Masterton Intermediate School Is Built... Introduction of Intermediates in New Zealand   The first prototypes of the present intermediate schools in New Zealand were opened in Nelson in 1884 but
  The Foundation Commissioners The Masterton district were to have an intermediate school established and it was the responsibility of the Masterton Intermediate Foundation Commissioners to do this. Some time