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This is to give the Wairarapa community an opportunity to 'stand up' and as a collective show our support and awareness of the reality of domestic violence in every sector of society AND as a Memorial to those who have passed over due to the end result of domestic dysfunction - violence.

We will be giving the whole community an opportunity to be involved in this very public but positive stand towards improving attitudes towards women and children in our 'own backyards'. 

My colleagues and I, from Whaea Up Now will be speaking to organisations, churches, sport clubs, schools in Masterton and if we have the resources will travel to the wider Wairarapa community.  We will be putting a panui into the three local papers, of public information evenings to give the whole community the opportunity to come and hear what and how we are planning this March for Knowledge and Remembrance, and to have the opportunity to give positive input and how to be involved.

It is all our responsibility to speak up, to offer support and to work together so that we are not part of the problem - we are going to be the solution, and it is going to start here in the Wairarapa.

We can all start by doing little things, making eye contact and smiling to strangers, say 'hello' when you are walking or in town.  We've all got to start connecting and truly become a community.  You would be surprised at what a smile can do for a person, a friendly hello.  It just spreads another smile, or lessons the stress and gives them a better outlook for that day. 





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