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My Years At M.I.S, by Phillipa Hansen

I remember my very first day at M.I.S well. There was a sea of red sweatshirts and strange faces, and I must admit, coming from a small country school, I felt a bit lost. I was nervous and shy for my first few days n Room 12, but after awhile I settled down and made friends with all my schoolmates.

Joining the school choir, taking up flute lessons and playing the piano for the orchestra was a great way to make lots more new friends. As the year went on, plenty more opportunities came my way. I entered the school science fair, and the Wairarapa Science Fair, and made it through to the school speech competition with my speech about being a short netball player ...... a topic very dear to my heart! Still, this didnʼt stop me playing netball, and as a member of the Orange team we won our grade. I also ran for the school harriers team at the sports bowl and at Havelock Nth. and the cross country team at Palmerston Nth.

I loved being part of all the cultural activities throughout the year. There was the big music exchange with Havelock Nth Intermediate, finishing with an awesome concert, the school talent quest, and the school production "Think of the Magic".

Although 1996 was a very happy year, it was tinged with the death of Mr. Lory. I didnʼt know Mr. Lory, but I learnt that he had been a great friend to the staff and students at M.I.S. Being part of a small group of singers that went to Mr. Loryʼs funeral, I can remember how hard it was to keep singing, we were all trying so hard not to cry. It was a really sad occasion.

Well, I thought that 1996 at M.I.S. was a busy year ...... that was until 1997 came along! As if I wasnʼt busy enough already, I thought it was time to try a few new things. So as well as choir, orchestra, netball, running and flute, I took up a challenge from Mr. Thompson to join the Kapa Haka and Iʼm so glad I did. I have loved being part of such an outstanding group of performers, (even if I do say so myself!) Student Council duties have also kept me busy and half way through the year I took up a part-time job as conductor of the orchestra. The payʼs not very good, (well actually there is not pay) but itʼs been fun anyway.

This year I have billeted students from Havelock Nth. Intermediate and Newlands Intermediate, but my most interesting guest was Yoriko Hirata from Shijonawate Gakuen Junior High School in Osaka, Japan. Yoriko stayed with us for 2 weeks and she was the nicest person. We became such good friends, and even though she was sometimes hard to understand, we shared a common interest in music. She was an awesome pianist and made me look like a beginner, but we had great fun practising a duet together. It was a very busy two weeks sharing activities with the Japanese visitors, and it all went too fast. I was so sad when Yoriko left and I added to the buckets of tears that we all cried.

Last month I was lucky enough to go on the Kapa Haka trip to Nelson. It was excellent, but exhausting! I also forgot to mention the trip to ʻArt Splashʼ in Wellington with the Rhythm ʻnʼ Harmony singers earlier in the year. Then there was the Writersʼ Camp at Castlepoint with New Zealand author, David Hill, and the finals of the Wairarapa Speech competition. The list just goes on and on. I probably should add that I have actually managed the odd bit of school work now and again. Mrs McKinstry made sure of that.

This term Miss Neill decided to start up a rock band and she asked me if Iʼd like to play the keyboard. I didnʼt even have to think about it. This was an offer I just couldnʼt refuse. Mr. Mailman, being the kind principal that he is, bought us some brand new gear to help get our band started. We practised hard every Tuesday after school. It was very reassuring to know that even if old age is starting to set in, thereʼs nothing wrong with Mr. Mailmanʼs hearing. He came into the hall from as far away as his office to tell us to keep the volume down!

Being involved in all these things has made my life very busy and I donʼt think Mum was joking when she told someone that she had to make an appointment to speak to me! I have loved being at M.I.S, and I can honestly say that these have been the best two years of my school life. I only have one regret about my time at M.I.S. It has gone too fast and now I donʼt want to leave. Iʼve heard of second year 5th formers and second 6th formers. Why hasnʼt anyone invented 2nd year form 2ʼs. I would be the first to volunteer.

Iʼm off to Wai Col next year and Iʼve heard some pretty good things about it, but I canʼt help wondering if it will be as good as Masterton Intermediate - Itʼs certainly a hard act to follow!



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