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Wendy Berner came from Canada as an invited storyteller to the 1994 Festival

Berner, Wendy: Canada. 1994
Wendy's work as a professional Storyteller evolved out of a background as a drama and theatre specialist. In her native Canada Wendy has taught Storytelling, Theatre, Role Drama and Drama Education at Canadian universities and many other venues. She has appeared many times on CBE radio in Canada and has told stories in Britain and France.
Storydrama - exploring and making meaning with story through various drama and related techniques was the focus of Wendy's workshop. Described as a dynamic and giving storyteller who possesses a great deal of energy, gentle humour and a compelling melodic voice, Wendy specialises in storytelling with out costumes or props and says she wants listeners to get past seeing her telling the story to develop their own images within their minds.



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Berner, Wendy

First Names:Wendy
Last Name:Berner